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                        上海森君化工制劑輔料有限公司專業經銷代理國內外知名品牌藥用輔料產品。是美國亞什蘭特種添加劑(ASHLAND)、DFE pharma和美國森馨香精色素科技(中國)有限公司(SENSIENT)在醫藥行業指定代理商,可以為客戶提供多檔次的、適合不同用途的優質進口產品,包括著色劑、黏合劑、崩解劑、填充劑、薄膜包衣材料、成膜材料和緩控釋材料等。這些產品廣泛地應用于片劑、膠囊、沖劑和粉針劑等制劑中,同時為業內客戶提供專業及時的產品信息和咨詢服務。強大的營銷網絡使得我們所服務的客戶能在最短時間內獲得所需要的所有輔料產品。專業的技術服務隊伍保證了產品和技術在使用中的完美體現。


                         Shanghai Sunjoy Pharmaceutical Excipients Co Ltd is a professional medical subsidiary substances agent of domestic and foreign well-known brand products that includes ASHLAND INC., DFE PHARMA and SENSIENT CHINA and etc. ?Sunjoy offers customer multiple grades of high-quality imported products which are suitable for different uses, disintegration agents, including colorants, binders, fillers, coating materials, controlled release film-forming material and raw material. These products are widely applied to the production of tablet, capsule, granule and powder for injection preparation. Meanwhile delivering full-time service of product consulting to the client in medical industry. All the accessories for good are shipped to our customers on time thanks to the strong marketing network of Sunjoy. Our professional technical service team is supporting and guaranteeing the best performance of our products and technology whiling the usages.

                  Our aim: perfect service, first-class product quality and comprehensive after-sales  service enables Sunjoy to be your preferred supplier.